10 Killed in Hate Crime in Buffalo, New York 5/16/22

Hate Crime, Buffalo

(Esther Debbie Louis/)

A ‘racially motivated’ shooting targeting African-Americans occurred at a crowded Buffalo Supermarket on May 14, 2022. The gunman was identified as Payton Gendron, a white man from Conklin, New York.

Erie County's sheriff, John Garcia, said “It was a straight-up, racially motivated hate crime from somebody outside of our community, trying to inflict that evil upon us”.

A suspect is in custody today after a mass shooting at a Buffalo New York grocery store left at least 10 people dead according to Assemblymember Bichotte.

Protecting biodiversity has paid off for Costa Rica by Alejandra Echeverri Ochoa and Jeffrey R. Smith for the Conversation 4/25/22

biodiversity, Costa Rica

(Tico Times/)

As scholars who study conservation and ecology, we wondered whether biodiversity ‐ specifically, the number of species in a given place ‐ influenced where people chose to travel for tourism. We analyzed that question in a recently published study focused on Costa Rica, a country that markets itself to the world as green and biodiverse, and derives almost 10% of its gross domestic product from tourism activities.

Our study assessed whether the opportunity to see many vertebrate animal species mattered to tourists visiting Costa Rica, and if so, how important it was compared with other features like hotels and beaches.


Mysteries of Sleep, Nader

The Mysteries of Sleep

What does a curious Persian observe among the French, when they wake up and talk about how they slept at night? What really happens to our brains when we sleep? How does sleep relate to our health? Is sleep is a vital activity? Using 40 idioms and drawings, this book aims to answer these questions.


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