Independent UN rights expert calls for unilateral sanctions to be dropped against Venezuela by UN News, 2/14/21

UN, Venezuela

Photo Credit: UNICEF/Santiago Arcos

At the end of a two‐week visit to Venezuela, an independent UN human rights expert noted on Friday that unilateral sanctions imposed on the country have exacerbated pre‐existing crises, calling for them to be dropped.

“The devastating effect of sanctions imposed is multiplied by extra-territoriality and over‐compliance adversely affecting public and private sectors, Venezuela citizens, non‐ governmental organizations, third country national and companies”,said Alena Douhan, Special Rapporteur on unilateral coercive measures and human rights.

Imposed by the United States, European Union as well as other countries, the sanctions have sparked economic, humanitarian and development crises, devastating the entire population, especially those living in extreme poverty, women, medical workers, individuals with life‐threatening diseases and indigenous peoples.

'Why we in Panama stand ready to lead global efforts on ocean conservation' by Milciades Concepción, 2/20/2021

Panama, Environment

Milciades Concepción is the minister of the environment for Panama

As sea levels continue to rise, its impact is already becoming clear in countries across the globe. Panama is perhaps uniquely placed as it is located at the centre of both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Escalating global temperatures are raising the risk of islands and coastline in Panama being lost to the sea ‐ like many other places across the globe. As temperatures and emissions have increased, so too have ocean acidification, saltwater intrusion, coastal erosion and sea levels, causing cascading consequences for Panama’s resource-rich marine coastlines.

Environment minister Milciades Concepción says the goal of protecting 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030 is within reach if countries work collaboratively.


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