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NYIHATV is a channel of award-winning content. Connecting viewers with their heritage and culture is at the heart of our brand promise. We drive purchase intent while helping users find the world's most compelling products. Feel free to watch global contents on a variety of platforms, with no subscription or commitment required. It doesn't get better than this!

NYIHA MEDIA, which is safe and secure, is a diverse suite of original and acquired contents.Our award-winning films combined with our unmatched ability to curate, program and distribute translate into a one-of-a-kind viewer experience. Our content diversity appeals to a diverse multicultural audience.

Great Stories.

Blue Magic

Our Movie

Dir. Yoel Morales

Directed by Yoel Morales, this sy fy movie is beautifully shot. In a remote part of a Caribbean island, completely cut off from modern technology, we find Moises. The love Moises feels for the girl from another moon gave him the strength to defeat his flesh-eating opponent.

An Amazing Science Fiction Feature

Director Yoel Morales adds: 'the best way to tell our story was to deliver a fantasy movie, with a detailed focus on each character.' Release date: 2017, 76 minutes.

Great Event.

NYIHATV is pleased to invite you to a special presentation of Blue Magic at Teatro Latea on May 8th at 6pm. Come experience the best in Latin-America cinema.

Dr. Steeve Coupeau goes one on one with Luis Salgado, Director of the Shakespearean Experience 4/18/2018


How do you define the Shakespearean experience?

For me, the Shakespearean Experience was a much needed exploration and challenge for our students and creative team. I say this, not only because of the difficulty of material itself but also because of the humility and extraordinary possibilities that exist in COLLABORATION while respecting both the challenge and the voices of each individual in our creative room.

Great Movies.

A Film on the Revered Ganges River in India

Living River

Dir. Vinit Parmar

NYIHA MEDIA is pleased to release the best in Indian cinema. In a beautifully shot non-fiction film, Director Vinit Parmar presents an up-close look at the pollution that has been an ecological scourge troubling the revered Ganges River in India.

The film delivers a rarely seen and authentic view of the life at the river's edge and the people struggling to compel change. With unprecedented access, the film brings to light an age-old industry of leather production in jeopardy, bringing in USD$4 Billion to the Indian economy at a cost of degradation of the environment and the health of the residents.

Dr. Steeve Coupeau goes one on one with Rimli Roy, Director of Surati for Performing Arts 4/19/2018


How do you define the Festival of Colors?

Holi is the Indian Festival of Colors. Different states in India have different kinds of Holi celebrations. It is a day-long celebration with one’s family and friends of color playing, song, dance, food, sweets and festivities. Some observe Holi with performances of song and dance all night. The very spirit of Holi spreads unity, brotherhood and peace.

What inspired you to create and lead Surati Holi Hai?

Growing up in India, we were always very excited to play Holi during the Spring time with friends and family. We would look forward to the celebrations every year, especially as children. At that time, little did I stop to think about the significance of the festival and what a lasting impression it had on my childhood memories and formative years.

Great Coffee.

Venezia Coffee From Italy


The Venezia brand offers light, media and strong roastings. Venezia Ridolfo Expresso is lightly roasted, to preserve its subtle aromas and balanced richness. A medium roasting of Venezia Lisaura creates a complex and delicate caramel taste. In contrast, Venezia Leandro coffee is a strong and full-bodied blend with intense and strong flavors. Composition: Arabica and Robusta Coffee Beans from India.


Net Weight: 2.2 lbs.
Price: $20 (Plus Shipping & Handling).


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