Christian nationalism is a barrier to mass vaccination against COVID-19 by Monique Deal Barlow 4/4/21

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Photo Credit: UN News

While the majority of Americans either intend to get the COVID–19 vaccine or have already received their shots, getting white evangelicals to vaccination sites may prove more of a challenge – especially those who identify as Christian nationalists.

A Pew Research Center survey conducted in February found white evangelicals to be the religious group last likely to say they'd be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Nearly half (45%) said they would not get the COVID–19 shot, compared with 30% of the general population.

Some evangelicals have even linked coronavirus vaccinations to the “mark of the beast” – a symbol of submission to the Antichrist found in biblical prophecies, Revelation 13:18.

Assembly member Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn's Statement of solidarity with the Asian American community, 3/21/2021

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This week, a white supremacist took the lives of six Asian Americans and two others in a shooting in metro Atlanta. The crime is - unfortunately - only the latest in a rise in hate crimes inspired by the bigotry and xenophobia of the last administration. Nationally, Asian Americans have been targeted in over 3,800 hate incidents in the past year.

We are deeply concerned with the rise in hate-related offenses against Asian Americans in New York City and across the nation. We must stop violence, harassment and hatred in its tracks. We must all speak up against these hateful actions.

I am devastated by the shootings, and pray for the victims and their families. I stand in solidarity with the Asian American community and condemn these violent acts and racism.


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