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NY World Trade Center Subway Station is a reminder to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights By Juergen T Steinmetz, 9/10/18


Photo courtesy: Michelle Young

World Trade Center Cortlandt Street is the latest New York tourist attraction in Manhattan. The subway station on line 1 was opened in New York Manhattan on Saturday. It’s more than a reminder to tourists, but even more to the people of New York, to Human Rights and a demand to governments to respect such rights.

For the first time since the morning of September 11, 2001, 1 trains are stopping here at Cortlandt St in Manhattan. The station, now named “WTC Cortlandt” reopened at noon on September 9th.

It has taken 17 years, but the 1 train’s Cortlandt Street station is finally open. There’s a lot new at the station — including the name. Andrew Siff gets an exclusive look inside. Cheers erupted as the first train rolled into the new WTC Cortlandt station at noon Saturday.


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Europe’s Militarization of Contiguity Flouts Human Rights by Dr. Nader VAHABI 9/20/18


Dr. Nader VAHABI

What has happened in Europe since June 2018 following the refusal of Matteo Salvini, Italian Home Minister, to allow the NGO SOS Mediterranean boat Aquarius to dock after it rescued 630 migrants off the Libyan coast? Is Europe bending faced with populist anti-migration movements even if the European parliament, on Wednesday September 12 2018, vigorously condemned the position of the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban, an emblematic populist figure who has been threatening European values?

In fact, the deciding factor of the 2015 crisis has been its exceptional nature with 1,257,030 asylum seekers. Population movement was at its highest peak since the fall of the Berlin Wall, thus breaking with the established status quo. Nevertheless, through a detailed statistical study, we have observed that since the eighties, Europe has always been confronted with asylum seekers with an average of 379,124 applications.

About the Author

Sociologist at LISST, University of Toulouse, at Jean-Jaures and at EHESS (Cadis) in Paris, Nader VAHABI is a specialist on the Iranian diaspora and contemporary Iran. After a large number of books on contemporary Iran and the Iranian diaspora, he broadens his field of study on migratory flows coming from the Middle East with an original angle of attack: "the pathology of modernism". His latest work is: The 2015 refugee reception crisis, a pathology of modernism, Paris, L’Harmattan, September 2018.


Hotelier hails Naomi Osaka’s Haitian heritage, 9/15/18


Tennis champ, Naomi Osaka
Photo Credit: Margot Jordan

Le Plaza Hotel's General Manager Marc Pierre-Louis hails Naomi Osaka's stunning victory at the US Open as "an achievement of which all Haitians should be incredibly proud."

"Haitians all over the world, including here in Port-au-Prince, were watching the match and cheering throughout. Naomi played brilliantly to beat one of the greatest tennis players of all time, somebody whom she has idolized since childhood. That took nerves of steel," he said, while also highlighting the lifetime grit, tenacity and brilliance of Serena Williams, one of his favorite players.

"Naomi competed with confidence and all people of Haitian descent should be celebrating her victory," Pierre-Louis asserted.

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