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Afro-Colombian Leader Speaks from New York’s Graduate Center, Reporting by Dr. Steeve Coupeau, 10/07/18


Héctor Marino Carabalí, a Colombian social leader, speaks to a crowd in Washington DC on September 26, 2018. Photo by Alex McAnarney / CEJIL.

On Friday 5 October 2018, the Colombia Study Group at the Graduate Center and Collective Colombia Conexión - SF Bay presented the documentary “They Are Killing Us: The Cry of Social Movements” co-directed by Tom Lafay, Emily Wright and Daniel Bustos. Heavily featured in the film is the story of Héctor Marino Carabalí, a Colombian human rights activist and community leader. Hector states: "the biggest threat we face in Colombia is that the government doesn't comply with the terms of the peace agreement."

The agreement Héctor is referring to is the amended peace agreement that was passed by Congress without going back to voters. It includes a guarantee of five seats for the FARC in Colombia's Chamber of Representatives and Senate. But violence has spiked in Colombia following the peace agreement, with nefarious groups seeking to take over areas, like Cauca, formerly under the control of FARC guerrillas. But Héctor affirms that "the murders of social leaders are not an outcome of the signing of the peace agreement. They have been happening since the foundation of the Republic of Colombia."


Maggie Q receives World Tourism Humanitarian Award by Juergen T Steinmetz, 10/6/18


Maggie Q

Why would an actor playing the assassin by the name of Maggie Q receive the World Tourism Humanitarian Award at the World Travel Market (WTM) London in November? The assassin is Maggie Q who stared as Nikita, a young woman who was rescued from death row by a secret government agency known as Division. Division faked Nikita’s execution, giving her a chance to start a new life and serve her country. At least, that’s what she is told. In reality, she is trained to be a spy and assassin. This is the most prominent role Actress Maggie Q is known for.

Maggie Q has many faces. She currently stars as FBI Agent Hannah Wells on Netflix’s White House drama “Designated Survivor.” In her real life Actress, Maggie Q has made a life and death difference for many. Maggie Q has been a major force behind Kageno from its inception 15 years ago when she generously funded the construction of a medical clinic, sponsored ten at-risk children, and donated to Kageno’s healthcare and conservation initiatives. Since then, Maggie has traveled to Rwanda and Kenya to visit Kageno project sites, hosted Kageno events, spoken at fundraisers, and successfully raised awareness of Kageno’s work to the global community.


Dr. Steeve Coupeau Goes One-on-One with Zuzelin Martin Lynch, Director of ‘Craving Cuba’ featured at Hudson River International Film Festival, 11 October 2018

Cuban Film Craving Cuba

Zuzelin Martin Lynch

What was the development origin of the movie?

Fascinated by the duality created by simply being born to immigrant parents in America, I have been exploring themes of identity since I was young. However, there was a pivotal point in time when the idea behind Craving Cuba solidified. When President Obama announced that he was going to normalize relations with Cuba, I hyper-focused on that fact that all of my grandparents, who raised me, were still alive.

I started to question what this historical change might mean for the Cuban-American community and its complicated relationship with Cuba. A month later, I celebrated my birthday at the Sundance Film Festival and after watching impactful documentaries, was inspired to make my very own film exploring identity and the Cuban-American experience at this historical moment in time.

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