After Twitter deleted his tweet, Nigeria's president ordered a ban on Twitter, depriving millions of access to social media platform by Harry Johnson, 9/19/21

Twitter, Nigeria


Nigeria dropped five spots, to 120, in the 2021 World Press Freedom Index compiled by Reporters Without Borders, which described Nigeria as one of the “most dangerous and difficult” countries in West Africa for journalists.

After drawing backlash among social media users and human rights activists for violations of freedom of expression and hurting the ways of doing business in Nigeria, the government of Africa's most populous nation said that it ‘expects’ to lift its ban on Twitter, announced in June, in a “few days”.

The announcement raised hopes among Twitter users eager to return to the social media platform three months after the suspension took effect.Nigeria's Information Minister Lai Mohammed told a post‐cabinet media briefing today that the country's government was aware of the anxiety Twitter ban had created among Nigerians.

Chile Will Now Reclaim Water but Will the Country Un-privatize Fresh Water? by Michelle Langrand at Geneva Solutions, 9/5/2021

Mask, Vaccine Passports

(Rocio Egio for Geneva Solutions/)

Some 180 km north of the Chilean capital of Santiago, lush green rows of perfectly aligned trees cover the semi‐arid hills of Petorca, Valpara√≠so. The kilometres‐wide fields of knobbly, blackish Hass avocados offer a staggering contrast with the surrounding parched, cracked lands.

Accused of running the region dry, the world‐renowned green gold has become a symbol of Chile's water crisis. While companies pump thousands of litres of water per second to irrigate their plantations, nearby communities get their water delivered by cistern trucks.

As Chileans prepare to replace their Pinochet‐ era constitution, there are growing calls to enshrine the human right to water and put an end to its unsustainable exploitation. But dismantling a 40‐year‐old water market that has surrendered 90 per cent of the country's freshwater to private actors, while facing one of its worst droughts ever, will need more than a new constitution.


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